Wooden beams have a way of retaining their charm through decades of interior design trends. Far more than a staple in old-world architecture, these beams provide a visual backbone for a space. They highlight architectural features you love, add contrast and character, and offer a sense of unique structure anywhere in need of an infusion of personality.

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6 Faux Beam Ideas

October 30, 2019

Wooden beams add character and beauty wherever they're installed. They can also hide blemishes and unsightly spots, or divert attention away from other parts of a space that may be less attractive. Read More
Starting a new home renovation project is always exciting. Careful planning on the front end can save a lot time, money, and frustration on the back end, especially when bringing in professionals to help. Check out our tips to consider when hiring contractors for your next home improvement project. Read More
The ruins of places like Buhen and Harappa are evidence that bricks are. . . Read More