6 Faux Beam Ideas

Wooden beams add character and beauty wherever they're installed. They can also hide blemishes and unsightly spots, or divert attention away from other parts of a space that may be less attractive.

However, the problem with authentic wooden beams is that they're expensive to buy and nearly impossible to install after a structure has been built. Installed outside, wooden beams are susceptible to damage from the elements.

On the other hand, faux wood beams are lightweight, less expensive, easy to install and effortless to maintain. At Old World Traditions, our products are made to match real wood, so it's nearly impossible to tell the difference.

Whether you're a homeowner or business owner, faux beams could be the right design feature to dress up your space.

Popular Faux Beam Ideas

Here, we’ll explore six different design ideas using faux wood beams.

From home interiors to dining establishments, and into the great outdoors, these faux beam ideas will surely create a unique atmosphere and enhance the overall appearance of a room or area.

1. Contour Cathedral Ceilings

Cathedral ceilings tend to be dramatic and beautiful, but they're often under-utilized. Often, those with cathedral ceilings fail to draw attention to this amazing feature. In many spaces, cathedral ceilings represent a missed opportunity.

Faux beams draw attention to the lofty contours of the room, bringing the eye upward and adding to a sense of spaciousness. If you’re worried about drawing too much attention, opt for a lighter color to blend into the background.

2. Dress Up The Dining Experience

Dining rooms should be formal, yet stylish; however, many dining rooms are relatively bare, having only a table, chairs and a few pieces of artwork on the walls.

Faux beams can resolve that problem because they are themselves a form of decoration. Though subtle, faux beams add a sense of structure and style to this gathering area.

If you’re installing faux beams in a dining room with a chandelier or pendant lights, plan to integrate fixtures into the beam configuration. This will create a distinct focal point and add drama and elegance to the space.

3. Bring Visual Interest To Outdoor Living

One of the beautifully versatile elements of faux wood is that it’s suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.

Faux beams installed under a covered porch exude rustic class and comfort. When paired with soft white lighting or climbing plants you achieve a sense of ambiance you’d never imagined.

Another great benefit to choosing faux wood for exterior applications is that unlike real wood, which must be stained, sealed or painted if it is installed outside for any length of time, faux beams can be left bare and require virtually no maintenance.

4. Establish Ambiance In A Restaurant

Restaurants rely heavily upon ambiance to create a mood and elevate the thoughts and feelings of the people inside. While some restaurants are very modern and minimalistic, others are classic and traditional. And, few interior accents leave a traditional touch quite like faux wood beams.

In restaurants that serve rustic dishes and pub food, faux beams contribute to the atmosphere and environment within the restaurant. They may not affect the taste of the food, but they still reinforce the ambiance, and might even make the food all the more enjoyable to devour.

5. Create A Diversion

Sometimes faux beams are installed in a home or building to distract the eye from less desirable features. Perhaps the room is too plain or the walls too bare. Faux beams can draw attention toward something better, like the shape or height of the ceiling.

Faux beams can also be used to cover an unsightly flaw in the ceiling, making the room look more finished and polished.

6. Drum Up Drama In A Library Or Study

Nothing is more dramatic than a series of wide, sweeping, dark ceiling beams. In a home library or study, horizontal beams across the ceiling contrast nicely with the vertical lines of the bookshelves and office furniture.

Choose finishes with your style in mind, but also consider matching the beams to the room’s furnishings.

Versatile Faux Beam Ideas For Any Space

Beautiful faux beams start with a reputable faux beam dealer. At Old World Traditions, we sell quality faux beams to homeowners and business owners hoping to add drama, beauty, and style to their interiors or exteriors. Our quality products are almost impossible to distinguish from authentic wood beams.

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