Nothing New About Brick

Origin of Brick


Nothing New About Bricks

The ruins of places like Buhen and Harappa are evidence that bricks are far from modern day building materials. Bricks more than 10,000 years old have been dated from the Middle East, and mentions of brick can be found the Bible, Exodis 1:14.

In 4000 BC the ancient city of Ur is said to be the birth place of the sun dried brick. The city of Ur was located in Mesopotamia which is now Iraq. offerings of food and drink were presented to “the Bone god” in the times of the Sumerians represented in the ritual by the "First Brick"

The Romans made use of mobile kilns and fired their bricks. They introduced bricks to many parts of the empire and usually the bricks were stamped with the mark of the legion that produced them.

China is yet another example of very old brick work. 3800 years ago bricks were utilized in Xi'an. Government official Li Jie was put in charge of overseeing public works for the central government’s construction agency. The 1103 publication of the Song Dynasty carpenter’s manual Yingzao Fashi was authored by Li Jie and is one of the earliest descriptions of the production process and glazing techniques used for bricks in China.

Story of Brick Walls

In the 12th century Russia, Poland, and Germany with the introduction of bricks from Italy cultivated the so called brick Gothic architecture. especially in the regions around the Baltic Sea which are without natural rock resources. These buildings were constructed almost exclusively of bricks.

Brick began to loose a little popularity in the Renaissance era. Brick work was often covered with plaster and didn't really gain back much popularity until the middle of the 18th century.

In the beginning of the 19th century the trend of building upwards for offices brought brick to it's limitations. Opened in 1896 the Monadnock Building in Chicago at just seventeen stories has base walls at ground level almost 6 feet thick. In the late-20th century brick was confined to low-rise structures or as a thin decorative cladding used on concrete-and-steel buildings or for non-load-bearing walls.


Methods of Making Brick

There are lots of ways to make bricks and of course they have evolved over the centuries. Here a few of the most popular methods.

  • Mud Brick
  • Rail Kins
  • Bull's Trench Kins
  • Dry Pressed Brick
  • Extruded Brick
  • Calcium Brick


Birth of The Brick Panel

It was only a matter of time before the brick panel would be a go to option for builders. You can now have the look and feel of all this history with a DIY weekend. Panels that look and feel like the real thing can installed over just about any wall. You can get panels in a multitude of different styles and colors. It has never been more affordable than it right now.

The "Brick" has come a long way and I don't see it going anywhere anytime soon.