Real Wood Beams

Handcrafted from virgin wood, these real wood beams are made by our expert, in-house woodworkers to resemble wood reclaimed from century-old barns and other antique structures.

Our innovative, proprietary finishing process gives the beams their authentic look of aged wood that’s been exposed to the elements for over a century. This process also protects the beams from rotting, cracking and fading.

Assembled in a 3- or 4-sided box formation, the beams are more lightweight and easier to handle than solid wood beams. Their hollow center also makes them ideal for covering support beams, wiring, pipes and other unsightly fixtures. Optional end caps are also available.

Unlike real reclaimed barn wood, these beams are uniform in size with lengths up to 32’. They’re made to order and can be ready to ship to you within 15 business days from time of order placement. This allows you to plan and finish your design on time and according to your desired specifications.