Barn Board Real Wood Beams - 3-Sided

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Barn Board beams capture the beauty and rustic character of wood that has stood the test of time for over 100 years. Made by expert craftsmen using a combination of traditional and modern woodworking techniques, the coloring, grain and texture of real antique barn siding is replicated in astonishing detail.

Made from Western Red Cedar cut from second-growth forests, the beams are treated with a proprietary finishing process that minimizes deterioration from moisture, temperature and other damaging elements. This virgin wood is also free from insects, toxic chemicals and hidden nails that can sometimes come with older, salvaged wood.


With their 3- or 4-sided box construction, the beams weigh a fraction of solid wood– making it possible for just two people to install them in one day. Their box shape and longer length options also makes them ideal for covering unattractive supports and fixtures, such as structural poles, metal beams and pipes.

The beams are also uniformly sized, making your project planning that much simpler. More complex designs that once seemed to costly or impractical can now be brought to life – even ceiling trusses.

Note: Beam lengths of 14 feet and over require a scarf joint. Any beam with a width or height larger than 10” will have a seam. This seam could be evident when looking at the beam.

Note: As the beams are handcrafted, dimensions may vary slightly. Please allow tolerance when covering an existing beam or other materials.

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