Hand Hewn Real Wood Beams - 3-Sided

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Hand Hewn real wood beams recreate the look of wood that was hand cut and used to build a barn or other structure over a century ago. Expertly crafted from virgin red cedar, these beams will add vintage character to living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and more.

The beams’ lightweight yet durable box design makes them easy for two people to install in just a matter of hours. This design is also ideal for concealing I beams, pipes, wiring and other utilitarian items you want to hide from view.


Available in custom lengths up to 32’, the beams are consistently sized to make planning your project straightforward without any surprises. A wide range of natural stain choices also makes it easy to match your decor. Whether you’re building a complex truss for the great room or adding a simple accent to the kitchen, the beams will fit in beautifully.

Note: Beam lengths of 14 feet and over require a scarf joint. Any beam with a width or height larger than 10” will have a seam. This seam could be evident when looking at the beam.

Note: As the beams are handcrafted, dimensions may vary slightly. Please allow tolerance when covering an existing beam or other materials.


  • When Ordering Samples: lead time is generally 3-6 business days. Cost is credited when beams are ordered.

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