Teak Faux Wood Panels

Our Teak faux wood panels provide a rich modern feel to any room.

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  • Veneer Wood Panels With All The Benefits of Real Wood

    All the benefits of real wood without all the hard work. A simple wall paneling system for a weekend DIY project that has a professional finish. Enhance your home inside or out with these Teak faux wood panels. They can be cut down with common woodworking tools and are designed to interlock for an attractive, seamless look. They can also be stacked to cover any size wall. Accessories are available to complete any job.

    Great For Contractors

    Your clients don't need to know how easy the installation is. These durable polyurethane wood veneer faux panels will withstand the elements for years to come. Installation instructions are included and they are installed with basic carpentry tools.

    Lead time for panels is 4 weeks. Samples usually ship out within 24-48 hours.

  • • Textured Panels Look and Feel Like Real Wood

    • Lightweight, 75% Lighter than Real Wood; Saves You on Shipping Charges

    • Easy to Install, DIY Installation Saves You on Labor Charges

    • Low Maintenance Durable Weatherproof Polyurethane Stands Up to All Weather Conditions

  • Dimensions:

    48 ¾" Wide × 24 ¾" High × approx. 1 ¼" Thick (Dimensions vary + or - ⅛")


    7.5 square feet


    8 pound 12 ounces

    Recommended Caulk/Glue:

    1 tube each per 4 Panels

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