Carolina Block Stone Electrical Outlet Box

Carolina Block Stone Outlet Boxes Provide A Simple Way to Bring Outlets and Switches Off the Wall and Flush With the Panel

  • Veneer Stone With All The Benefits of Real Stone

    Use our outlet boxes to bring outlets and switches off the wall and flush with the face of the panel.

  • • Textured outlets Look and Feel Like Real Stone

    • Lightweight, 75% lighter than real stone, Saves you on shipping Charges

    • Easy to Install, No Concrete, DIY Installation Saves You on Labor Charges

    • Low Maintenance Durable Weatherproof Polyurethane Stands up to all Weather Conditions

  • Dimensions Outside:

    5 7/8" Wide × 7 7/8" High × approx. 2" Thick

    Dimensions Inside:

    2 1/2" Wide × 4 3/8" High × approx. 1 5/8" Thick


    8 ounces

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