Wire Brushed Real Wood Beams - 3-Sided

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Textured with a wire brush and hand finished by master woodworkers, these beams made from real cedar wood will give your home or business a stunningly beautiful, old-world look. Even with close inspection, you’ll be hard-pressed to guess that these beams aren’t over a century old.

Assembled in a box shape in your choice of 3 or 4 sides, the beams weigh a fraction of the solid wood variety, making them significantly easier to handle and install. You and a friend could install them over a weekend – no expensive professionals needed.


Offered in authentic color options, the beams can accommodate most design visions – big and small. Unlike repurposed wood, all our beams are unvarying in size to keep your project running smoothly. Whether you’re remodeling the foyer or designing a brand-new kitchen, the beams will fit as planned.

Note: Beam lengths of 14 feet and over require a scarf joint. Any beam with a width or height larger than 10” will have a seam. This seam could be evident when looking at the beam.

Note: As the beams are handcrafted, dimensions may vary slightly. Please allow tolerance when covering an existing beam or other materials.


  • When Ordering Samples: lead time is generally 3-6 business days. Cost is credited when beams are ordered.

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