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 Old World Traditions is a leading provider of building materials and architectural accents, such as polyurethane faux wood beams, exterior shutters, outlookers, corbels and brackets.

Don't be fooled by the competition, Old World is the ONLY faux beam company in the United States stocking ceiling beams in three warehouses across the country (Texas, Florida, and California) making our lead times and shipping costs impossible to beat.  Though there are dozens of beam styles on the market, OWT only offers the best, most realistic wood grain textures on the market, ensuring the homeowner will be thrilled with their faux beams.


Not only are faux ceiling beams incredibly realistic, they are also extremely easy to install.  Unlike real wood, faux wood ceiling beams are so lightweight there is no need for additional ceiling supports or worry about load bearing walls.  They easily attach to your ceiling and will require no further maintenance, as they will never warp, crack or twist.  A real wood beam will continue to dry long after installation (heat rises, thus ceilings are inherently warm areas), which will cause it to twist and pull away from the drywall - and cause box beams to open up at the seams - causing unsightly cracks and continual upkeep.  Not so with faux wood beams! 


In addition to our faux beams, we offer polyurethane corbels, exterior shutters, rough sawn trim, brackets, outlookers, raftertails (truss tails), which are terrific for residential, commercial, multifamily and senior living construction. These items are lightweight, easy to install and will never warp, twist or deteriorate.  Climate takes a tough toll on wood, especially on the exterior.  Our polyurethane corbels, raftertails, etc., alleviate the problems faced of replacing cracked and/or deteriorated product every few years.  Our exterior materials are impervious to moisture and are pest resistant.


Call us at 888-249-8214 if you have any questions or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Thank you for your interest!  Also, check out our blog for the latest info on our product offerings, industry data and more!


Whether you are in Texas looking for faux wood beams or faux beams in California, give us a call today!


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